Laurie Ann Butcher

He is the last of his tribe; the first of his kind…

Fane has made it his life’s mission to destroy the creature who wiped out his entire tribe and damned him to an endless life of roaming and insatiable hunger, but when he finally catches up with him in London, he discovers that the creature has a weakness… a daughter.  Whether he likes it or not, his mission is about to change.

Sarah has no idea what a normal life is, but she wants one.  She wants the freedom to explore the world outside  the imposing mansion that is her prison.  She wants to be loved, to feel passion, but her father’s menacing shadow envelopes her, and it’s all people see when they look at her.  Except for Fane.  He sees her.  He wants her… but to what end?

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Fane was the first of his kind. His son, Sef, is the first of his kind. Are they a new beginning; or The Lingering Shadows… of the old gods?

Goddess of Rebirth
Guardian of the Gateway and Time
Matriarch of the Tuatha De Danann
One of the three Fates…

Being the Guardian of the Gateway and Time is a great responsibility.
Knowing the future is an incredible burden.
Assuring that the future is unhindered by the past while simultaneously attempting to save your people from extinction… is an exciting challenge.

Goddess of Fertility
Healer of the Tuatha De Danann
Companion to Danu

When she is sent into the future in order to retrieve King Nuada’s sword, she is told by Danu that she is following her destiny. However, finding the sword isn’t as easy as she’d thought… and when she finds herself falling for Sef, the handsome and seductive man who has agreed to help her find the sword, she begins to wonder if her destiny is actually the sword… or him.


He is preparing to follow in his parents’ footsteps by closing the door on the past and taking a step into a new beginning, a new identity, the first step, one that will last twenty to thirty years before he is forced to take the second step into another new beginning, another new identity… and then the third… and the fourth… a never-ending series of steps, new beginnings and new identities. Alone. But before the first step is even taken, Divona suddenly appears in his bedchamber. The fiery-haired goddess has been sent to retrieve the sword his father was tasked to guard by the Knights Templar. The sweetly sensual, naïve and incredibly stubborn goddess inflames his senses, making him yearn for a future he had never even dared to hope for… until now. The problem is, although he can sense her attraction to him, she isn’t going to let him into her heart without a fight.

Although The Lingering Shadows is a sequel to Darkness… it can be read as a stand-alone.

eBook, Paperback and Hardcover

Sometimes living in the shadows is the safest place to be… or so you would think, but you’d be wrong, because living in the shadows is what makes you a victim.

As the youngest child living within a dysfunctional family, I thought that anger, rivalry and hatred were the norm, that every family possessed dirty little secrets they hid from the world… like alcohol and drug addiction, mental and physical abuse, depression, schizophrenia and suicide.  Surviving those dirty little secrets while running from the school bully was hard, but it was nothing in comparison to coming up on the radar of the neighbourhood pedophile.

eBook, Paperback and Hardcover